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Comet Pizza in Washington D.C Reviews - Pre-PizzaGate

Reviews for Comet Pizza - Pre PizzaGate taken from various review websites.

Chris B. 2012

If Chuck E. Cheese were a hipster who smoked Crystal Meth, this would be the dining concept he would come up with. 
With an art deco style that can only be described as "phony dilapidated", this place bore a strong resemblance to Freddy Krueger's boiler room, except with much more metal structures that served no purpose.
To put a fine point on the ambiance, there was a projector in the room playing extended video footage of a car tire on fire while spinning on a rope--so as to give that "family Italian" feel so commonly found in Pizza places.

Kristy C. 2012
I love being able to finish dinner and take a beer over and play ping pong. I don't love occasionally having children sit next to me at the bar, invading what I thought was a pretty safe "no-children" zone. And, parents are not all good parents and don't always keep tabs on their children in the ping-pong area. But, parents who don't keep tabs can't be upset when I accidentally bop one of their kids with my paddle (oops). 

Sara A. 2013

As for the ambiance, Comet looks pretty cool and has a hipster vibe. The only thing is the place is overflowing with kids. That's probably a good thing to many people but as someone who isn't around children much, I felt like I had to keep my voice down and keep the cuss words to a minimum. That's really my only complaint, which isn't really a complaint. Just something I wish I realized before I went.

Bethany 2012

The place was OVERRUN with kids. I like kids, but I felt like I was drinking beer in the middle of a playground. Running around, screaming, completely monopolizing the ping pong tables, climbing on my chair (!!). It completely ruined the experience for me, unfortunately.

Joel S. Carlsbad, CA 2/5/2007
At first the place was great, ping pong in the rear, good beer on tap, and food in the front. Then the rear started to turn into a playground. at one point I counted in excess of 15 kids under 10 wanting to "play. Parents who couldn't understand why they couldn't "play". No wonder the paddles are all ruined. Seemed parents enjoyed hanging out the bar to drink while they sent their kids to the rear for unsupervised playtime.

Daniel K. Washington D.C. 2008
Its fun to go hunt for the bathrooms (although i don't know how you'd tell mens from womens, someone just told me to go in the first one...). The atmosphere is very chill. Its warehouse-y so it gets loud when its packed.  

Justin C. Washington D.C 2008
A helpful hint for anyone looking to visit Comet for the first time: the bathrooms are hidden inside the wooden wall just past the bar. It looks like a camp locker room, with no visible entrance, but keep pushing and you'll eventually find your way inside to enjoy the walls covered in naked women murals.

Jessica S. Patterson NJ 2008
However...I didn't realize that this place turns into Chuck-E-Cheese in the early dinner hours. HOLY SHNIKES that place was PACKED with little kids, and the ping pong area was a total zoo. Which is fine, I can wait till 8 for my pizza/beer/ping pong. Just be warned that if you're going here for an early dinner, it's much more of a family/kid atmosphere than it is later in the evening.

Blanca P. Washington D.C 2008
The interior is pretty funky, more U Street then Upper NW, compared to the grungy outside (I thought it was a dirty old man bar for years)... 
It also seems that they hire only attractive male waitors - extra good eye candy.

John M. VT 2009
still not 2 Amy's.

But then again, 2 Amy's doesn't have PING PONG or (hilite of nite) murals in the bathroom depciting cherubs playing pong and/or eating pizza.  That's enough, right there, for a half-star bump up.

John R Washington D.C  2010
My only complaint is that it's family friendly. A little too family friendly. Crying children galore. But, luckily since that PBR is so cheap, throw back a few of those, and suddenly those children have gotten a loooot quieter.

Jia NYC 2010
-Lots of kids and babies; totally unappetizing

A. Washington DC 2011

This doesn't affect my review, but as an FYI, this place is EXTREMELY family friendly. If you have a little one, this is probably a great place to take them; they can run around with all the other running screaming kids, but if you don't have any, you may want to avoid this place around dinner time.

RD Florida 2015
If your plans for dinner include keeping your children/grandchildren happy, then this is the ideal venue. Decent pizza, lots of activities for the kids(ping pong) and lots of children to befriend. If however you are looking for great pizza in a pleasant quieter environment, then you need to go elsewhere.

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