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The Right Scoop is an anti-Trump website that is increasingly anti-Republican. The website operates mostly anonymously (some say cowardly).

We at Tell Politicians have come up with who we feel owns and regularly posts on

Suspected Owner of The Right Scoop
Jack Furnari
Phone Numbers: 1-561-655-7224
Twitter as TRS:

Frequent Poster Editor, SooperMexican
Carmine Sabia
Twitter as SooperMexican:

Note: this is only speculation taken from public records and this post is for informational purposes only. Please do not harass the parties involved. Please comment if you have any more information about the true owners of The Right Scoop.

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  1. Trump is our president because WE THE PEOPLE wanted what he said he would deliver, and we voted him into office. I am tired of the media and other politicians trying to over rule and disqualify our president. Their unpatriotic actions need to be stopped and possibly even prosecuted.
    Democrats need to END THIS SHUT DOWN, by doing what the people want. That is after all what their job is. They are not in office to do as they please, although their actions say different. The boarder wall is not "Trumps Wall", it is AMERICA's wall and it is one of the many reasons the American people voted President Trump into office.

    All I ever hear on the media shows is how the American people do not support President Trump. Yet I know very few American People (the real, average, live in a normal house, clock in and out for work every day American People) who do not support President Trump. I don't know what American People the media is talking about but obviously not the REAL AMERICAN PEOPLE.