US Companies Moving Plants To Mexico 2016 List

1. Ford Motor Co.

 Ford is planning on opening a 1.6 billion dollar car factory in Mexico. This is the second announcement for Ford in Mexico. In April of 2015 they showed plans for 2.5 billion dollar factory in Mexico. They plan on adding 6,600 jobs in Mexico.

2. Carrier

Carrier announced that is is opening a plant in Mexico. They are moving 1,400 jobs from the US to Mexico.

3. Royal Ingredients

Royal Ingredients L.L.C is planning on closing it's New Jersey sugar and packing plant in the USA and moving to Mexico. Job losses unknown.

4. Dematic

Dematic is moving forward with their plan to move from Michigan, USA to Mexico. 300 jobs.

5. Cardone

Cardone a Philadelphia based auto parts maker is planning on moving their plant to Mexico. Expected job losses 1,336.

6. Airtex

Airtex Products plans to move the bulk of their production jobs from Illinois to Mexico. Expected job losses, 1,000

7. C&D Technologies

C&D Technologies is evaluating moving it's production out of Milwaukee to Mexico. Expected job losses, 230.

8. Nabisco

Nabisco is planning on moving it's plant in Illinois to Mexico. Expected job losses, 600.

9. Eaton

Eaton plans on moving it's plant in Iowa to Mexico. Expected job losses, 250.

10. Banner Engineering

Banner Engineering opened it's plant in Mexico. New jobs in Mexico, 200.

11. Teleflex

Teleflex Inc. is moving it's plant from Pennsylvania to Mexico. Expect job losses 170.

12. Brunswick

Brunswick the bowling ball maker is moving it's production from Michigan to Mexico. Expected job losses, 115.

13. Leeson

Leeson is moving from Neilsville, Wisconsin to Mexico. Expected job losses, 120.

14. Elster Solutions LLC

Elster Solutions is moving from North Carolina to Mexico. Expected job losses, 98.

15. Invacare

Invacare is moving it's wheelchair production from Ohio to Mexico. Expected job losses, unknown.


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