GOP's Fresh Face Nominee Leaked - Nikki Haley

I have heard from a reliable source in the Republican Party that the nominee will indeed be a "fresh face". Karl Rove mentioned on Fox News that perhaps a "fresh face" will be nominated at the convention.

The polling shows all candidates are polling very poorly with women. The GOP is about to make a bold move by nominating Nikki Haley for the top position on the GOP ticket. Many have theorized that she would be a vice-presidential nominee. However, they are looking at her for the top slot.

The deal is going to be made because of Donald Trump's very poor approval numbers with women. GOP insiders also think that there may be issues with Ted Cruz's natural born status.

They feel that he is eligible, but they do not want to face a certain lawsuit filed by the Democrats. The National Enquire article is also raising a few questions with Cruz voters. They are currently strongly supporting Ted Cruz. However, some officials in high places worry that there may be more to the scandal.

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