Trump's Actions Speak Louder Than His Words

A very touching story of young woman who is dying and want’s to provide for her young son. 

If this was for anyone else, this woman would be on all the morning shows, The View, Fox, CNN and the hosts would gush.

I have not heard one story like this regarding an actual kindness for a person from the other candidates. However, once again the words are what are important in this country, not the reality. The other guys and gals can be complete #$%^# but they say the right words and everyone loves them. 

Case in point is John Edwards. He looked great and said the right things and women loved him. However, the truth was his wife was dying of cancer and he was cheating on her during the time. He tried to hush up his mistress with money and hide his love child. He told his mistress that he would “Marry her once his wife was out of the picture.” I bet the women that support him would still vote for him!

The love of his live, blah blah blah women’s issues, blah, blah, health care. John Edwards sounding great, if you don’t know the truth.

and here are women gushing over him

Ted Cruz is trying to play the same trick on all of us. The National Enquire broke the Edwards story and they broke the story on Ted Cruz. The media does not care now about Ted Cruz’s affairs because the hit is out on Trump. If Ted Cruz gets the nomination, the look for the mistresses to come out.

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