Trump Towers at 65% in New York - Let's See What That Means

What a win in New York will mean for Donald Trump. Considering the new poll that shows Donald Trump with 65% in New York. For an interesting scenario let’s assume New York voted today. If Trump wins the state he would get all of the 95 delegates. That would mean that he would only need 55% of the remaining delegates to get to his 1,237. Ted Cruz would need 97% to win the 1,237. Kasich would be mathematically eliminated.

Republican Delegate Count as of March 18, 2016. 

Trump: 678 delegates
Cruz: 413 delegates

Total 2,472
1237 Needed

Remaining Delegates Yet To Vote.


NY Votes 95 Delegates Winner Takes All
851 Remaining Delegates
NY goes for Trump +95 delegates
Trump 768 - he would need 469 to reach 1237 or 55% of remaining delegates.
Cruz 411 delegates - he would need 826 delegates or 97% of remaining delegates.

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