The Trump Poll That Terrifies Everyone - Trump Up 21 Points Despite Wife Dustup

Donald Trump is up a whopping 21 points over Ted Cruz. The newly released, NBC News/Survey Monkey poll shows Trump with 48 percent, Cruz with 27 percent, and John Kasich at 18 percent.

The poll was taken during the attacks on Trump's wife and his vigorous response. Cruz has been making the counter attack on his wife an issue and has pivoted to attacking Donald Trump for his tweet of a comparison of the two wives. The tweet featured a very unflattering photo of the less attractive of the wives, Heidi Cruz.

Trump was thought to be on the losing end of the battle by most pundits. Once again, Donald Trump proves the smart set wrong. His support is nearly at 50% of GOP voters! Add in the Independents and blue collar Democrats and you have a candidate that could win the general election.

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