Glen Beck Strange Conversion to Globalism and George Soros

Glen Beck could not beat George Soros by exposing him on Fox. So he decided to join him. I think Glen is kind of a submissive guy and once threatened by the real power, he moved his thoughts and heart to accommodate the Globalist view. The teddy bears and soccer balls at the border is a good example. 

Plus, he tries to calm us instead of promoting us to go out to defeat the left. John McCain did a similar thing. We would get angry and want to take action and McCain would calm us. Beck’s Restoring Honor rallys are designed to calm us and make us feel good, without taking action.

Glen has never been the same since he was threatened. He started to act and dress differently and starting using the tactics of the left. He dresses just like Saul Alinsky. He is afraid of a Nationalist like Donald Trump. Also, he almost never mentions the name of George Soros.

I predict that Glen will take a hard turn towards the Globalist Neo-Cons or possibly fully to the Left, once Trump is nominated. He will probably organize a full on protest rally of his own against the Nationalist, Donald Trump.

When he worked at Fox he dressed like a businessman or a newscaster. Now, look at how Glen is dressing just like Saul Alinsky, in the photos below.

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