Fox News Republican Debate in Utah - Preview

Fox News will hold a debate between the 2nd Tier Candidates on Thursday in Utah. Below is a preview of the debate.

The debate, which will be held Monday, March 21, will air on Fox News at the Salt Palace in Salt Lake City. The moderators for the debate will be Bret Baier and Megyn Kelly. The debate will begin at 7 p.m. MST and will last two hours.

John Kasich: "My Father Was a Mailman"

Ted Cruz: "My Father Came From Cuba and is a Pastor"

John Kasich: "I won my home state of Ohio"

Ted Cruz: "I won my home state of Texas plus some other states that read the Bible"

John Kasich: "My Father Was A Mailman and a Democrat"

Ted Cruz: "My Father was a Former Communist and he Came from Cuba"

John Kasich: "I think we need a better tone in this Campaign"

Ted Cruz: "I'm a Christian"

John Kasich: "I balanced the budget in Ohio"

Ted Cruz: "I stood up to Washington"

John Kasich: "I'm a Blue Collar Guy and My Father Was a Mailman"

Ted Cruz: "I'm a Christian and I stand for the Constitution!"

John Kasich: "I worked with Ronald Reagan"

Ted Cruz: "I Stand For Conservative Principals"

John Kasich: "I won't be Mean and My Father Taught Me To Run Away from Mean Dogs"

Ted Cruz: "I'm the Only One Who Can Beat Donald"

John Kasich: "I beat Donald in Ohio!"

Ted Cruz: "My Father was From Cuba and he rejects Strong Men"

John Kasich: "We are Better Than This America!"

Ted Cruz: "I'm A Christian and I Stand For The Constitution and Constitutional Principals"


John Kasich: "My Father Was A Mailman, I Balanced the Budget of Ohio, I Knew Ronald Reagan, Love Free Trade, Amnesty and Clean Air! Oh, and Donald Trump is scared to debate me.

Ted Cruz: "My Father Was From CUBA!, I stood up to Washington, I'm the only one that Can Beat Donald.  I beat Donald Trump in IOWA! Constitutions and Bibles! Oh and Donald Trump is more scared to debate me!

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