2016 Election Updates 03.17.16 Live Wire

Cruz vows to mock Donald Trump at AIPAC for skipping debate.

Cruz to Mock Trump Over Debates

The New York Times reports that Ted Cruz needs 87% of the remaining delegates to secure the nomination.

Cruz Needs 87% of Remaining Delegates

According to the Washington Post, Obama is increasing his involvement in the 2016 Campaign.

Add Australia to the list of countries that do not want the USA to wake up. Daily Telegraph in the AU reports that Trump would be a disaster for Australia.

Newt Gingrich Compares Trump To Ronald Reagan

Trump viral video is upsetting Russia

Roger Stone on InfoWars details the GOPe's plan to steal Trump's nomination at the convention. Regardless of the delegate count. 

9:41 AM Beck claiming he predicted the end of the GOP in 2003. Predicted Housing and Banking Crisis in 2004. Not Confirmed - Anyone?

Now he is claiming the Bubba Effect, the Rise of Socialism. Is Beck a prophet?

Reports of Team Bush Members Joining Ted Cruz

On March 3, eight former members of the Jeb! team joined the Cruz campaign:
Paul Dickerson of Houston, TX 
Neil Bush, TX
Boyden Gray of Washington, DC 
Charles Foster of Houston, TX
Reginald J. Brown of Washington, DC
Paula and Jim Henry of Midland, TX

Nancy and Randy Best of Dallas, TX. 

From Diana West.

Clint Eastwood Just Made Trump's Day!

California Looks Strong For Donald Trump.

The Onion Piles On After Rubio's Failure. from the Onion: GOP Leaders Assure Sobbing Rubio It Not His Fault Party Splitting Up.

There is a Bernie Blackout, but Sander's Supporters Plan to Protest Trump and not for Sanders.

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