Trump's Actions Speak Louder Than His Words

A very touching story of young woman who is dying and want’s to provide for her young son. 

If this was for anyone else, this woman would be on all the morning shows, The View, Fox, CNN and the hosts would gush.

I have not heard one story like this regarding an actual kindness for a person from the other candidates. However, once again the words are what are important in this country, not the reality. The other guys and gals can be complete #$%^# but they say the right words and everyone loves them. 

Case in point is John Edwards. He looked great and said the right things and women loved him. However, the truth was his wife was dying of cancer and he was cheating on her during the time. He tried to hush up his mistress with money and hide his love child. He told his mistress that he would “Marry her once his wife was out of the picture.” I bet the women that support him would still vote for him!

The love of his live, blah blah blah women’s issues, blah, blah, health care. John Edwards sounding great, if you don’t know the truth.

and here are women gushing over him

Ted Cruz is trying to play the same trick on all of us. The National Enquire broke the Edwards story and they broke the story on Ted Cruz. The media does not care now about Ted Cruz’s affairs because the hit is out on Trump. If Ted Cruz gets the nomination, the look for the mistresses to come out.

Amanda Carpenter on The John Edwards National Enquire Sex Scandal

Amanda Carpenter Speaking about the John Edwards Sex Scandal as it was breaking from the National Enquires. Here are a few gems from Amanda.

1. Given John Edwards Status in this election, I think it is important for Mr. Edwards to answer a few questions.

2. I think John Edwards is going to have to talk about it.

3. Those are very curious circumstances and I think there is going to be national interest about this. Given the status he has during this election.

4. I really hope we can find out what happened.

5. I don't think I need to explain why this is an important story.

6. It is an important story, it is important because he is being considered for Vice President.

Reporters Getting Roughed Up By The Left and No Charges Are Filed

Leon Panetta's people manhandle a Politico Reporter. No Charges Filed

Leon Panetta

Martha Coakley Staffer Knocks Weekly Standard Reporter To the Ground. No Charges Filed

Martha Coakley

MSNBC's Chris Matthews has his staff rough up hecklers at the GOP Convention in Tampa. No Charges Filed

Chris Matthews

Michelle Field Reports Being Beaten by NYPD. No Charges Filed

Michelle Fields NYPD

Harry Reid's Staff Attack a the author of "Crapitalism". No Charges Filed

Harry Reid

2016 Michelle Fields (again) reports being roughed up by Trump Campaign Manager, Corey Lewandowski - Charges Filed

Michelle Fields Corey Lewandowski

Cruz to the Tune of Cruise by Florida Georgia Line - Parody

Cruz to the Tune of Cruise by Florida Georgia Line - Parody

Mandy you a song
You make me want to take off my pants and be Ted Cruz

Hey Mandy

Yeah, when I first saw that she had condoms on her
She’s tweetin right out of the Georgetown U
Thought, Oh Good Lord, She had that little short dress
Couldn’t help myself so I walked up and said

Mandy you a slut
You make me wanna take my pants off and be Ted Cruz!
Down in the back of the bus blowin right through
Every little midget is just like you
In this brand new Bus with my campaign sign
I’d look a hell of a lot better with you layin in it
So Mandy you a slut

You make wanna take off my pants and be Ted Cruz!

D.C. Madam's Attorney Says Phone Records Will Impact 2016 Presidential Race

A lawyer who represented the so-called “D.C. madam” says he has phone records that could influence the outcome of the presidential election, and he’s threatening to release one or more names on the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court if he’s denied a hearing on his right to distribute them.

Read More at US News & World Report.

Heidi Cruz Cancels Campaign Appearance in Wake of The Cruz Sex Scandal

Heidi Cruz Cancels Campaign Appearances in Wake of the Ted Cruz Sex Scandal, (#CruzSexScandal).

Heidi Cruz, Ted Cruz's wife has cancelled her scheduled campaign appearances in New Jersey. The cancellations are raising eyebrows in light of her husband's sex scandals.

The family appeared very glum at a recent campaign stop in Wisconsin.

The Trump Poll That Terrifies Everyone - Trump Up 21 Points Despite Wife Dustup

Donald Trump is up a whopping 21 points over Ted Cruz. The newly released, NBC News/Survey Monkey poll shows Trump with 48 percent, Cruz with 27 percent, and John Kasich at 18 percent.

The poll was taken during the attacks on Trump's wife and his vigorous response. Cruz has been making the counter attack on his wife an issue and has pivoted to attacking Donald Trump for his tweet of a comparison of the two wives. The tweet featured a very unflattering photo of the less attractive of the wives, Heidi Cruz.

Trump was thought to be on the losing end of the battle by most pundits. Once again, Donald Trump proves the smart set wrong. His support is nearly at 50% of GOP voters! Add in the Independents and blue collar Democrats and you have a candidate that could win the general election.

Amanda Carpenter The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Amanda Carpenter the alleged mistress of Ted Cruz now has another photo going viral. This one shows her on a bed taking a selfie with a package of condoms on the bed and a men's shirt on the chair.

Add this photo to her Dating Married Men Tweet and calling Ted Cruz Daddy on Twitter. What's Next Amanda?

Ted Cruz and Amanda Carpenter Love Child Rumors

The internet is buzzing that Ted Cruz and Amanda Carpenter have a love child or two. Here are a few provocative photos that make one wonder.

Ted Cruz and Amanda Carpenter Matching Tattoos and is that his Jacket?

Ted Cruz and his alleged mistress got matching Winston Churchill Tattoos on the same day, April 1, 2014. Also, in Amanda's photo, she looks like she is wearing a men's jacket. Ted is not wearing his suit jacket for his shot.

I'm not sure what to make of this. However, I would think that any wife would have a few questions about that little stunt.

Dog Eater to the Tune of Hall and Oates - Man Eater

Since the Obama Campaign decided to attack Mitt Romney about his dog carrying technique. 

The question was raised about Obama's admission that he ate a dog when in Indonesia. This is my Response.

Dog Eater to the Tune of Hall and Oates - Man Eater

He'll Only Come Out at Dinner
The Lean and Hungry Type
Nothing has Changed and I Have Seen Him Here Before
Watching and Waiting
He's Sitting with You but his eyes are on the pups.
So many do not want to see.
What you think you're getting is not Beef.
The Man is Hungry a He-Man Tamed by the Scent of Meat.
Doggy What's the Matter?
If You're Man's Best Friend You aint gonna Get Too Far.

Oh Here he Comes
Watch Out Bo, He'll Chew You Up
Oh Here He Comes
He's A Dog Eater
Oh, Here He Comes
He's A Dog Eater.

I wouldn't Taste The Stew
I Know what he can Do
He's Deadly Man, and He could really rip your Dog Apart.
Mind over matter
The Taste is there But a Beast has lost his heart.

Oh Here he comes
Watch Out Bo, He'll Chew You UP
Oh, Here He comes

John Kasich Calls A Policeman an Idiot for pulling him over

John Kasich who likes to take on the role of Mr. Nice Guy shows his true colors when he is stopped in traffic in his Toyota.

How to Beat Ted Cruz in Utah - An Open Letter To The Trump Campaign

Ted Cruz is a Southern Baptist Christian. The Southern Baptists believe that Mormons are not Christians.

Here are some quotes from prominent Southern Baptists about the Mormon Religion.

1. Rob Bowman with the North American Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) says Christians need to be aware that the beliefs of the Mormon Church are inconsistent with biblical Christianity.

2. “Here is the bottom line. As an Evangelical Christian – a Christian who holds to the ‘traditional Christian orthodoxy’ of the Church – I do not believe that Mormonism leads to salvation,” wrote Dr. R. Albert Mohler, Jr., president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, on Wednesday evening.

3. Romney, a Mormon, is not a Christian, the Rev. Robert Jeffress said, but a member of a "cult."

Utah is 62% Mormon and it's reach extends into Idaho, and Arizona. Both have upcoming primaries or caucuses.

Please inform the voters of Utah, Arizona, and Idaho that Ted Cruz's Church and Religion do not believe that Mormon's are Christians. In fact, many Southern Baptists believe that Mormonism is a cult and that it's members are destined to hell.

Blackball List of People That Didn't Support Donald Trump

Blackball List of People That Didn't Support Donald Trump

1. Bill Kristol

2. Ted Cruz

3. Glen Beck

4. Mitt Romney

5. Lindsey Graham

6. Morton Blackwell

7. Ken Cuccinelli

8. Jeb Bush

9. Neil Bush

10. John McCain

11. Evan McMullin

12. Karl Rove

13. John Boehner

14. Vincente Fox

15. Mitch McConnell

16. Darrel Issa

17. Megan McCain

18. Megan Kelly

19. Rupert Murdoch

20. Eric Erickson

21. Ben Shapiro

22. The National Review

23. The Blaze

24. Nikki Haley

25. Bobby Jindal

26. Marco Rubio

27.  Thomas Sowell

28. Glen Beck's Staff Glen & Stu

29. Mark Levin

30. FOX News

31. Yahoo

32. Ben Howe

33. Amanda Carpenter

34. Jeff Flake

35. Susan Collins

36. David French

37. Allen West

38. David Limbaugh

39. Trey Gowdy

40. Susan Collins

41. Joe Scarborough

42. John Sununu

Trump Towers at 65% in New York - Let's See What That Means

What a win in New York will mean for Donald Trump. Considering the new poll that shows Donald Trump with 65% in New York. For an interesting scenario let’s assume New York voted today. If Trump wins the state he would get all of the 95 delegates. That would mean that he would only need 55% of the remaining delegates to get to his 1,237. Ted Cruz would need 97% to win the 1,237. Kasich would be mathematically eliminated.

Republican Delegate Count as of March 18, 2016. 

Trump: 678 delegates
Cruz: 413 delegates

Total 2,472
1237 Needed

Remaining Delegates Yet To Vote.


NY Votes 95 Delegates Winner Takes All
851 Remaining Delegates
NY goes for Trump +95 delegates
Trump 768 - he would need 469 to reach 1237 or 55% of remaining delegates.
Cruz 411 delegates - he would need 826 delegates or 97% of remaining delegates.

2016 Election Updates 03.17.16 Live Wire

Cruz vows to mock Donald Trump at AIPAC for skipping debate.

Cruz to Mock Trump Over Debates

The New York Times reports that Ted Cruz needs 87% of the remaining delegates to secure the nomination.

Cruz Needs 87% of Remaining Delegates

According to the Washington Post, Obama is increasing his involvement in the 2016 Campaign.

Add Australia to the list of countries that do not want the USA to wake up. Daily Telegraph in the AU reports that Trump would be a disaster for Australia.

Newt Gingrich Compares Trump To Ronald Reagan

Trump viral video is upsetting Russia

Roger Stone on InfoWars details the GOPe's plan to steal Trump's nomination at the convention. Regardless of the delegate count. 

9:41 AM Beck claiming he predicted the end of the GOP in 2003. Predicted Housing and Banking Crisis in 2004. Not Confirmed - Anyone?

Now he is claiming the Bubba Effect, the Rise of Socialism. Is Beck a prophet?

Reports of Team Bush Members Joining Ted Cruz

On March 3, eight former members of the Jeb! team joined the Cruz campaign:
Paul Dickerson of Houston, TX 
Neil Bush, TX
Boyden Gray of Washington, DC 
Charles Foster of Houston, TX
Reginald J. Brown of Washington, DC
Paula and Jim Henry of Midland, TX

Nancy and Randy Best of Dallas, TX. 

From Diana West.

Clint Eastwood Just Made Trump's Day!

California Looks Strong For Donald Trump.

The Onion Piles On After Rubio's Failure. from the Onion: GOP Leaders Assure Sobbing Rubio It Not His Fault Party Splitting Up.

There is a Bernie Blackout, but Sander's Supporters Plan to Protest Trump and not for Sanders.

Hannity to Leave The Republican Party if this happens.

Sean Hannity stated on Fox News that if the Republican Party steals the nomination from Donald Trump, that he will walk away from the Republican Party.

Sean Hannity Quote:

"Are they going to cut their nose to spite their face?… You know, if they are going to be that self destructive, and if they’re going to pout, and if they’re going to pick up their little toys, and they’re going to go home like a bunch of babies, they will destroy, there will be no Republican Party at the end of this. Because if they’re successful , Guess what? Cruz and Trump supporters are walking out. And, I’m walking out with them."

Trump Attack Ad on Hillary Clinton March 2016

Donald Trump's Proposed Ad for the General Election. Trump's first attack ad?

Republicans We Are Not Monsters. We are Munsters!

Ted Cruz's Prayer For Neil Bush

"Father, please forgive Neil for stealing 1.5 Billion from the taxpayers. We pray that Neil does not use his new position of power for evil but to do good and get Ted Cruz elected! 

We ask that he be risen to new positions of power and influence as the Secretary of the Treasury or Fed Chairman!"

Fox News Republican Debate in Utah - Preview

Fox News will hold a debate between the 2nd Tier Candidates on Thursday in Utah. Below is a preview of the debate.

The debate, which will be held Monday, March 21, will air on Fox News at the Salt Palace in Salt Lake City. The moderators for the debate will be Bret Baier and Megyn Kelly. The debate will begin at 7 p.m. MST and will last two hours.

John Kasich: "My Father Was a Mailman"

Ted Cruz: "My Father Came From Cuba and is a Pastor"

John Kasich: "I won my home state of Ohio"

Ted Cruz: "I won my home state of Texas plus some other states that read the Bible"

John Kasich: "My Father Was A Mailman and a Democrat"

Ted Cruz: "My Father was a Former Communist and he Came from Cuba"

John Kasich: "I think we need a better tone in this Campaign"

Ted Cruz: "I'm a Christian"

John Kasich: "I balanced the budget in Ohio"

Ted Cruz: "I stood up to Washington"

John Kasich: "I'm a Blue Collar Guy and My Father Was a Mailman"

Ted Cruz: "I'm a Christian and I stand for the Constitution!"

John Kasich: "I worked with Ronald Reagan"

Ted Cruz: "I Stand For Conservative Principals"

John Kasich: "I won't be Mean and My Father Taught Me To Run Away from Mean Dogs"

Ted Cruz: "I'm the Only One Who Can Beat Donald"

John Kasich: "I beat Donald in Ohio!"

Ted Cruz: "My Father was From Cuba and he rejects Strong Men"

John Kasich: "We are Better Than This America!"

Ted Cruz: "I'm A Christian and I Stand For The Constitution and Constitutional Principals"


John Kasich: "My Father Was A Mailman, I Balanced the Budget of Ohio, I Knew Ronald Reagan, Love Free Trade, Amnesty and Clean Air! Oh, and Donald Trump is scared to debate me.

Ted Cruz: "My Father Was From CUBA!, I stood up to Washington, I'm the only one that Can Beat Donald.  I beat Donald Trump in IOWA! Constitutions and Bibles! Oh and Donald Trump is more scared to debate me!

Glen Beck Strange Conversion to Globalism and George Soros

Glen Beck could not beat George Soros by exposing him on Fox. So he decided to join him. I think Glen is kind of a submissive guy and once threatened by the real power, he moved his thoughts and heart to accommodate the Globalist view. The teddy bears and soccer balls at the border is a good example. 

Plus, he tries to calm us instead of promoting us to go out to defeat the left. John McCain did a similar thing. We would get angry and want to take action and McCain would calm us. Beck’s Restoring Honor rallys are designed to calm us and make us feel good, without taking action.

Glen has never been the same since he was threatened. He started to act and dress differently and starting using the tactics of the left. He dresses just like Saul Alinsky. He is afraid of a Nationalist like Donald Trump. Also, he almost never mentions the name of George Soros.

I predict that Glen will take a hard turn towards the Globalist Neo-Cons or possibly fully to the Left, once Trump is nominated. He will probably organize a full on protest rally of his own against the Nationalist, Donald Trump.

When he worked at Fox he dressed like a businessman or a newscaster. Now, look at how Glen is dressing just like Saul Alinsky, in the photos below.

We Care A Lot - Trump Style - Parody

We Care a Lot about the borders, trade and Jobs
about ISIS killing people for us all to see

We care a lot about the wall and the companies that China bought

Woa! It’s a dirty job but Trumps gotta do it.
Oh it’s a dirty Job but Trumps gotta do it.

We Care a Lot
We Care a Lot

We care a lot about the greatness and the people and the troops

We care a lot about the smack talk and the country that got hacked

We care alot about all the Welfare that you steal from the boys and girls

We care alot about you people cuz Trump is out to save the World.


Well its a dirty job but Trump’s gotta do it.
Oh its a dirty job but Trump’s gotta do it.
Said its a dirty job but Trump’s gotta do it.
Oh its a dirty job but Trump’s gotta do it.
Oh its a dirty job but Trump’s gotta do it.
Oh its a dirty job but Trump’s gotta do it.
Oh its a dirty job but Trump’s gotta do it.
Said its a dirty job but Trump’s gotta do it.

We care a lot about the Army Navy Airforce and Marines.

We care a lot about the NY SF and LAPD

We care a lot about you people.
We care a lot about you keeping your guns.
We care a lot about the wars we're fighting. Gee shouldn’t we Win?

We don’t care about the Clintons, they always lie.
We don't care about Rhinos because theres more than meets the eye.
We care a lot about the little things, the bigger things we Build
We care a lot about you people, yeah you bet we care a lot.

Said its a dirty job but Trumps gotta do it.
Well its a dirty job but Trumps gotta do it.
Said its a dirty job but Trumps gotta do it.
Well its a dirty job but Trumps gotta do it.
Well its a dirty job but Trumps gotta do it.
Said its a dirty job but Trumps gotta do it.
Said its a dirty song but Trumps gotta Win it.