New York Mayor Bill de Blasio

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio
City Hall
New York, NY 10007 USA
Phone Number: 1-202-639-9675
Alternate: Dial 311
Email: email Mayor De Blasio

Campaign Office
32 Court Street, Suite 902
Brooklyn, NY 11201
347-746-2455 USA
Phone Number: 1-347-746-2455


  1. Wish our federal government would have taken more action sooner or at least told states their policy is to make which decisions at the local level. IN Belgium and in Atlanta, people who sew are making face masks for our medical professionals. As of yesterday, I was able to find filters for N95 masks on line. New York is one of the largest economies in the world. Put it to work to make what you need. Don't wait for the feds . . . Get on line and order what is available. Most had backlogs and supplies may not be delivered until May but get in LINE.

  2. At the moment, it appears that it requires politicians to confront the president publicly in order to get any action from him.
    Would you ask him to tour a hospital? It is my opinion that his isolation from the country is why he sees the pandemic as anecdotal. Perhaps if he saw the reality of what the country is going through, he would make better decisions.

  3. My name is Teddy hiotis I have been waiting for 8 and 1/2 weeks for my unemployment can't get through the offices don't know what's going on please help me my phone number is 929-494-5919 please help me

  4. who is handling unlicensed street vendors?

  5. Leviticus Ask the synagogues why they didn't burn trash in the LAND Fill Area. But not on Saturday is Sabbath day