Contact Senator Joe Donnelly from Indiana: Phone Number, Address

Contact Joe Donnelly- (D - IN)
Washington Office
SR-B33 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510
Phone: 1-202-224-4814

Indianapolis Office
10 West Market Street
Suite 1180
Indianapolis, IN 46204
Phone: 1-317-226-5555


  1. Vote NO ! NO! on Obamas Unconstitutional AMNESTY for Illegal Aleins! Lets see if you are a believer in our Constitution or a NON Patroit!

  2. If you support the Iran deal, I will never vote for your party or person. Your silence is as telling as your votes. I have called your DC office 3 times in the last 4 days - during business hours and got no answer. Lastly, when is your term ending .... I just want to see if you care enough to answer a simple question from an Indiana voter.

  3. Stop Russian investigation. Horrible use of taxpayer money and We DON'T care. Stand up for what is right. Trump was elected so let him be president.

    1. Agreed. Its useless. Not enough people trust Mueller to make it worthwhile. Anything he says is supect, and thus far he hasn't done anything but terrorize people who had happen to be close to Trump, all so he can turn them.

  4. For the past several days I cant even leave a message because your voice mailbox is full. If you cared what your constituents want, this problem would be fixed. Do not be a part of this witch hunt. Vote in Judge
    Kavanaugh. We will be watching your vote. And my vote this November will depend on your vote for Mr. Kavanaugh.

  5. Stop this Kavanaugh nonsense. We all know you are stalling, and ruining the life of a man who has done nothing wrong. As a sexual abuse victim myself, I want you to know I feel nothing but disgust and shame in the actions of the Democrats and Dr Ford. Just stop it.

  6. Sir, I have voted for you in the past, but if the vote for Kavenaugh does not take place and he is confirmed or you voted against him, I will be voting a strait Republican ticket this year. I will be telling everybody I know to do the same and why. If you can't see what the Democratic party is doing you are either part of the problem, or you have been a politician to long.

  7. Vote yes on Kavanaugh. There is absolutely no evidence to support Dr. Ford's claims. None. Her friends that were allegedly there have no idea what she's talking about. If someone made allegations against you, would you sit idly by and let it destroy you or fight back? Yes on Kavanaugh.