Contact Senator Dan Coats: Phone Number, Email, Address

Contact Daniel Coats - (R - IN)

Washington Office
United States Senate
493 Russell Office Bldg
Washington, D.C. 20510
P: 1-202-224-5623
F: 1-202-228-1820

Indianapolis Office
1650 Market Tower
10 West Market Street
Indianapolis, IN 46204
F: 1-812-465-6503

Fort Wayne Office
1300 S. Harrison St.
Suite 3161
Fort Wayne, IN 46802
P: 1-260-426-3151
F: 1-260-420-0060

Crown Point Office
11035 Broadway
Suite A
Crown Point, IN 46307
P: 1-219-663-2595
F: 1-219-663-4586

Scottsburg Office
2 East McClain Avenue
Suite 2-A
Scottsburg, IN 47170
P: 1-812-754-0520
F: 1-812-754-0539

Evansville Office
101 MLK, Jr. Blvd.
Evansville, IN 47708
P: 1-812-465-6500
F: 1-812-465-6503


  1. Please tell Mr. Coats that in view of his elevated position, need to testify before Congress, and need to use this word repeatedly, that some U.S. citizens beg him to start pronouncing "nuclear" correctly!

  2. Disappointed Indiana ResidentJune 7, 2017 at 5:53 PM

    Shame on you. Answer the questions posed to you by regarding Trump's attempts to influence the Russian investigation. Be honest. Do the right thing. This is not about your's about the future of America. You're in CYA mode.

  3. Dan. I too am a Wheaton Grad. Class of '65. I think you were a couple years or so ahead of me, but we were on campus at the same time. We're waiting for you to tell the truth and tell it openly. Don't embarrass us fellow alumni by hiding behind Executive Privilege or some other shameful dodge. We're waiting, Dan.
    JMW Class of 1965

  4. Vote NO on the bill that is in the senate. DO what will help the Americans not help the rich. We need a single pay health insurance like the rest of the world. We are a third world country and you need to change that.

    Look at history and you will see what happens when you undermine the poor and give the top 1% all the money. America is not the leader in climate change and now health care.

    When all you worry about is how to pad your own pocket and not what the people need you are not doing yourself any service.

    How much money did the insurance company's give you for re election?

    Make a difference help the people who need help. There is a limit to how capitalism can work. It needs regulation and so does democracy. Socialism is not a bad word when it saves 1000's of lives.

    You pass this bill and those 1000's of loves, children, disabled, senior citizens will be on your conscious.

    Gale Lockwood

  5. Give America it biggest economic boost ever, including employers, governments and the job market. Replace Obamacare with Medicare for everybody. THE FREE MARKET DOES NOT WORK FOR HEALTH CARE! POLITICAL PHILOSOPHY AND WISHFUL THINKING WILL NOT MAKE IT HAPPEN.

  6. Humbly, I would like to interview with IARPA about their most ambitious projects.

  7. Dear Senator,

    Please tell me what I should expect from Congress AND YOU regarding the disturbing classified (but recently revealed) information on how FISA was abused during and after the last Presidential election cycle.


    1. when is the corona virus going to be over in indianapolis phone number 3172807497

  8. when is the corona virus going to be over in indianapolis phone number 3172807497