Contact Senator Bob Casey: Phone Number, Email, Address

Contact Robert P Casey Jr. - (D - PA)
Washington, DC
393 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510
Phone: 1-202-224-6324
Toll Free: 1-866-802-2833
Fax: 1-202-228-0604
Email: email Senator Casey

2000 Market Street, Suite 1870
Philadelphia, PA 19103
Phone: 1-215-405-9660
Fax: 1-215-405-9669

Northeastern PA
417 Lackawanna Avenue, Suite 303
Scranton, PA 18503
Phone: 1-570-941-0930
Fax: 1-570-941-0937

17 South Park Row, Suite B-150
Erie, PA 16501
Phone: 1-814-874-5080
Fax: 1-814-874-5084

22 S. Third Street, Suite 6A
Harrisburg, PA 17101
Phone: 1-717-231-7540
Toll Free: 1-866-461-9159
Fax: 1-717-231-7542

Regional Enterprise Tower
425 Sixth Avenue, Suite 2490
Pittsburgh, PA 15219
Phone: 1-412-803-7370
Fax: 1-412-803-7379

Central PA
817 E. Bishop Street, Suite C
Bellefonte, PA 16823
Phone: 1-814-357-0314
Fax: 1-814-357-0318

Lehigh Valley
840 Hamilton Street, Suite 301
Allentown, PA 18101
Phone: 1-610-782-9470
Fax: 1-610-782-9474


  1. Patricia SchuylerJune 28, 2017 at 10:55 AM

    Bob Casey is doing a great job and truly represents his constituents. We are grateful and will remember.

    1. Hi, how much did you get paid for this?

    2. Because of the American Rescue Plan, passed by House and Senate Democrats and signed into law by President Biden, my grandchildren will be forced to live in debt in the future. Your father, who had my vote, would be ashamed of you for voting for this, he never appeared to be a socialist, as you are.

    3. You throw stones, however, are you sure you know all the details? Have you called or written letter, spelling out your concerns, asking for his office to address them?

  2. Senator Casey needs to find out who murdered Seth Rich. I am a voter in PA. I will declare war on his seat in the senate!! Find the truth now!!!

    1. Who's "Seth Rich," & why is it up to Sen. Casey, instead of law enforcement ? Try, uh, POLICE, F.B.I, etc ???

  3. Dear Senator Casey
    Push for TAX REBATES for the Corporations not tax breaks. Rebates for jobs with benefits on a yearly basis.

    There are a lot of problems -- like stopping the breaks for student loans and for nursing home/medical expenses -- other ones that I know you know about also.

    Thanks, Anne

  4. I wonder...

    How many foreign agents are currently working in plain sight within our country?

    How many of those foreign agents are working with and have compromised American citizens?

    How many of those American citizens are in high levels of Oil and Gas companies?

    How many of those foreign agents are working in our technology companies?

    How many of those American citizens are in positions to influence any Government official?

    What happens when a country that America borrows money from, calls in a loan. Will that country own us? Will that country be able to take over our government? America can't file for bankruptcy. If America can't pay their bills, what happen?

    I feel strongly about...

    We need the Muller investigation into the interference of our Democratic process.

    Foreign Countries or Actors who are trying to influence our Democratic process need sanctioned.

    Any foreign advisory working to interfere with or dismantle our Democracy need to be held accountable.

    Any Americans who are complicit or are conspiring with a foreign advisory to interfere with or dismantle our Democracy need to be prosecuted, no matter their wealth or stature.


    Our Democracy must be protected against any attack, foreign or domestic.
    That's why there are three EQUAL branches of our government. Stand up and protect our Democracy. Our freedoms are at stake.

    1. First, D. Trump added $8,000,000,000,000.00 (trillion) to our national debt, in his one administration. So glad he constantly cost us $668,000.00 every time he flew to Florida. Something we can all afford, all winter !?!

  5. I cannot believe that you and other senators are not publicly denouncing Trumps military parade. We have children starving; infrastructure failing; education systems deteriorating; and other important issues needing attention and financing in this country and he wants a parade costing 10 to 30 million dollars.
    Please stop this sexual pervert from doing these stupid things!

  6. two points: 1.doctors and school principals need to identify troubled students who may need mental health analysis or care. Parents need to sign off agreeing to this policy.
    2. We have children and their parents going to bed hungry. Parents give the children their food and, therefore, do away with their own needs. Give the states the funds that would pay for the parade and let the governors and/or mayors feed their hungry based on percentage of those children who are living below the poverty level.

  7. Mr. Mueller must be allowed to continue his investigation until he is satisfied with whatever results he and his team arrive at. Mr. Rosenstein needs to continue his support of the work being done. Mr. Sessions must reread the Constitution. Mr. McCabe may have deserved his firing (I do not have access to the report), but no one who has served the US deserves that humiliation. Please do not allow the president(no cap) or his lawyers to interfere any further. (How is Trump paying his lawyers? Or should that be investigated, too?) Again, as in the gun debate, no one seems to be listening to the citizenry. Is it all a sham?

  8. Do you sit by the phone more often than you'd like to admit, waiting for him to call? Do you wish you could figure out how to get more free business calls from him? Do you find yourself working your schedule around when he might call, so you don't miss one of phone calls? It can certainly be very frustrating to be in this situation and you'd probably love to find out what can be done to avoid it and get more phone calls from him.

  9. PA went Republican for the 2016 Presidential Election. Bob Casey needs to remember he works for the people of Pennsylvania and the American people NOT the Democratic party. Do right by us or the red wave will take PA to!! #confirmkavanaugh

  10. What a pity Bob Casey you are a disgrace. You put ileagle crossing the border illegally above our own citizens. Shame on you. We work to pay rent and buy food and pay utilities and keep klunky cars on the road to get to work with nothing left for insurance or to pay for our children's collage and you don't vote for the wall giving billions to the ileagle that come here.No Bob Casey I will fight my last breath to see you not get re elected. Shame on you and our babies are being murdered in the womb. Your father fought for Americans and the can never hold a match to your father..shame shame on you

  11. REading the previous comments I see that the present administration has succeeded in using all the divisive points to divide the country. Being on the Finance Co. you have the perfect position to work with the other party to sort out how Obama's laws and ideas which started the recovery and how Trump's encouragement to non workers furthered it. Lets get rid of all the negativity!!!

  12. Will senior citizens be included in the Gov. stimulas plan funding because of financial burden due to the C. Virus April 6, 2020??

  13. Are you happy with the horrible election mess here in Pa.? The governer changes laws and the judges rework thing politicaly.
    Are you proud that the election would make Pa. a laughing stock in third world countries? Well its nothing to be proud of.
    How about working for the people of of Pa. and the state constitution and the US constutition. This election on the presidetial
    level was a sham. Can you fix things or don't you care?

    1. You don't care about election integrity or you would do something you need to be voted out the next time around and the the rest of your partners in crime

    2. Trump now costing us thousands for his unneeded recount. He never proved ANY state wrong !!!

  14. Senator Casey: The election is over. How about going to work instead of playing politics. Also how about cleaning up the US Postal Service. They are are terrible and should be private.

  15. Response to Se. Casey e-mail sent January 9.

    Nonsense Senator Casey!

    Those people have a legitimate grievance about the accuracy of election results. There is substantial evidence of fraud in our state! - and other states. Why not investigate so we can all have an understanding of who won the election. I have lived in Malvern, PA for 35 years. All of us, including yourself, know that every election fraudulent votes are cast in Philadelphia. I witnessed it first hand when I was a student in West Phila. It appears to be far worse now, but we can't be sure. Why not voter identification?

    All last summer we watched Philadelphia, Seattle, Portland, Chicago, New York, Minneapolis, ....etc., burned down. Hundreds of arson incidents, dozens of murders, looting, - in short terrorism. Democrats and the propaganda media ignored these major crimes, and falsely characterized it as 'peaceful protest'. It was Democrats encouraging their thugs to intimidate the American people. You were almost silent on this! The protest on January 6 was largely 'peaceful protest'. If middle class people, - with families and jobs are protesting like this, maybe we should investigate why they are aggrieved. That is what you said about the riots and murders over the summer - why not for these people! Why are these people being cast as bad - it's a lie and you know it.

    This possible attempt to steal a presidential election via widespread voter fraud is the biggest political crisis in this country's history! Possibly an attempt to turn the US into a banana republic. Six or seven different states, apparent widespread voter fraud via several different mechanisms! - all (except one) in states with Democrat Governors and Democrat Attorney Generals. We still don't have completed counts in some other states yet (NY congressional). All evidence points to a Trump victory stolen by cheating, but I can't make that claim because still no count of legal votes in those states yet. This should be an issue that all fair minded people agree on. Even Dems. should care about fair elections.

    Please respond to me on this, and retract the above partisan political nonsense you sent out above. - RBE

    1. I'm a very concerned voter as well. I can't find a link, anywhere to see if my vote was switched or not. I truly hope it counted the way I voted. Maybe our Senator can lead me to a link to check my vote. I'd like to know if Senator Casey responded back, as you had asked, as well.

  16. Dear Mr. Casey, The congress and senate have to impeach Trump and make sure he can never run for office again. He has to be made accountable for his actions. He wants to be a dictator. He is a very dangerous man. I voted for Mr. Biden inthis election and for Hilary Clinton in 2016. I would think that the republicans woud be so upset about the deaths on Jan. 6 and there could be more. I just needed to say this. Bonnie Miller Hastings, PA

  17. I've contacted Senator Casey a few times over the last decade. Each time his answer is either not about my concern or a distorted version of the truth. Latest example: I asked about vote integrity. He responded that in 2019 a bipartisan vote changed the voting laws (true). However, he left out that on the 11/2/2020 election, the Governor changed rules, the Atty. General of PA changed rules, judges changed rules. Some made no sense, for example no signature on a mail-in ballot, accepted. Allowing ballots 10-days after the election, accepted. Only the state legislature has the authority to make election laws as stated clearly in the US constitution as well as the PA Constitution. Senator Casey was misleading and lying by omission. When you leave out facts knowingly you are basically lying. I believe Senator Casey should and must stand for voter integrity. He even pushed the idea of the federal government taking over authority of election law. Total nonsense. If you keep electing Senator Casey, you'll end up with less liberty and your vote will become worthless. Time to look and verify the facts and hold Senator Casey accountable to support our great state of PA.

  18. Senator Casey is a total Bore and Hypocrite. He is supposedly a pro life Democrat but that is a bunch of bull crap. He votes yes for every pro abortion bill in DC. He only got elected because his Father was Governor and has done nothing for the People of Pennsylvania. He is a liar - I voted for him once, but never will again. He cannot be trusted. Look at the voter above. Does Mr Casey need to cheat to win his Senate seat next time like Mr Biden did? PA voters think so! It made me sick to see the Bozo on MSDNC attempting to sound off about Seagram Seven's Ice Cream Nancy Pelosi's Jan 6 Committee. Why is he starved for publicity? No one even watches that channel? Need campaign contributions Bob? Well, Bob, boring Casey is going on how no one who objected to the electors should ever dare be permitted on that committee - no way - no how! What Big Dull Bob forgot. Bob not being a House member. Bob, having no damn business shooting his mouth off about this. Bob, being stupid! Is that Crazy Nancy's Democratic Chairperson of the Committee objected to the Trump Electors in 2016. So Bob, he should be off the committee. Bob Casey is Meh! A Boring Meh....

  19. Casey you can spout how great the infrastructure bill was and how great the BBB plan coming from all of the destroyers of this country, problem people know the truth. The BBB bill is another massive give away to everyone except if you are white. What is it about demoncraps that makes you all about spending money the country doesn't have. You can't tax enough to cover the spending we already have, there isn't enough money. Why spend more?

    Since the purveyors of falsehoods took over the white house, in what was a very suspicious election, what has happened to the county. It is spiraling downward. The last demoncrap president did the same thing to the country passing massive spending bill that there is not enough money to pay for. Bit devious when you add up the income over the course of ten years but the expenses for a single to make it look like it is paid for. Seems to be the way demoncraps operate, anything to try and fool the country. Very similar to what happened in Germany so many years ago

    It seems you and your demoncrap friends missed the part of what makes inflation happen, massive unpaid for spending that devalues the dollar. You are very good at that. We have a crisis, items sitting on ships that aren't being delivered because of supply chain issues. Democrap's answer is to do nothing, or things that are too incompetent to do any good. You and your demoncrap friends are really good at being incompetent. It will be your legacy.

    When your idiot and chief demoncrap took over the white house this country was at or near self sufficient in energy needs. True to form of being demoncraps your acts and deeds stopped that now have gas pricing increasing over $1 a gallon in less than a year. The really cute part of it the white house idiot gets on his knees begging OPEC to produce more to solve the problem he made. That really worked.

    There is a light at the end of the tunnel. 2022/2024 are approaching. Indications are things are not going to go well for those with a "D" associated with their name. There is hope, when this happens that you will be something that once was, looking in wondering how did I get beat in an election. Some folk with a lot more clout than you in some very blue states have had this happen, it will be a great day if it happens to you.

    In case there is any doubt I have more regard for a pile of dog dun than I do for a demoncrap.

  20. Please be sure the COVID19 data is released without redactions in complete form even if it means new hires.

    The FDA’s only priority should be the health and safety of consumers. The agency has compromised its integrity by delaying information that belongs to the public. Since the Biden administration is hell-bent on forcing these vaccine mandates on us, the public has every right to know how this vaccine was approved, especially in such a short amount of time.

    “After all, the FDA managed to consider all 329,000 pages of data and grant emergency approval of the Pfizer vaccine within just 108 days. So it’s hard to rationalize why it now needs 55 years to fully release that information to the public.