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  1. I am concerned about the confirmation of Tom Price as Secretary of Health and Human Services. I watched I believe it was his second hearing where he evaded answering questions about his investments in parmaceutical companies, even begrudgingly stating amounts that were lower than the real amounts of his investments. The prices of pharmaceutical products continue to skyrocket. People sometimes have to shell out a year's salary to pay for a drug. I personally had the experience of trying to renew a prescription for a small bottle of eye drops and being informed that the cost had jumped from $60 to $175. and while I waited for the prescription to be filled, the price even rose to $220. (I now buy my eyedrops on line.) I personally want to be sure that pharmaceutical companies genuinely care about my health needs, not their profit margin and that they don't feel encouraged to raise profits because government officials are buying a lot of atock in their companies.

  2. I cannot believe that you and other senators are not publicly denouncing Trumps military parade. We have children starving; infrastructure failing; education systems deteriorating; and other important issues needing attention and financing in this country and he wants a parade costing 10 to 30 million dollars.
    Please stop this sexual pervert from doing these stupid things!

  3. fund the wall, Ding Dong