Contact Senator Angus King From Maine

Contact Senator Angus King From Maine
Washington Office
188 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510
 Phone: 1-202-224-5344
Fax: 1-202-224-1946

Senator King's Augusta Office
The Edmund S. Muskie Federal Building
40 Western Ave, Suite 412
Augusta, Maine 04330
Phone: 1-207-622-8292

Senator King's Portland Office
6th Floor, 3 Canal Plaza, Suite 601
Portland, Maine 04101
Phone: 1-207-874-0883

Senator King's Auburn Office
2 Great Falls Plaza
Auburn, Maine 04210
Phone: 1-207-786-2451

Senator King's Bangor Office
The Margaret Chase Smith Federal Building
202 Harlow St., Suite 214
Bangor, Maine 04401
Phone: 1-207-945-0432

Senator King's Presque Isle Office
169 Academy Street, Suite A
Presque Isle, Maine 04769
Phone: 1-207-764-5124

Senator King's Biddeford Office
227 Main Street
Biddeford, Maine 04005
Phone: 1-207-282-4144


  1. Please SUPPORT HJRes. 50, the Parental Rights Amendment. Without it, fit parents would lose the right to make decisions about their children to any entity authorized by a ratified treaty such as the proposed Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC). Please OPPOSE the CRC.


  3. Senator King should spend his time & our resources on issues that effect the people of Maine. He spends his time on illegals & foreigners instead of the people who elected him. What kind of independent votes all the time with one party & parrots their party line ? Disgusted voter in district 2.

  4. Dear Senator King,
    The senate just voted on infanticide and you voted for it. I am disgusted with what you and the democrats are doing to our children. This are live babies! How can you do something so despicable? I will never vote for you ever! I would like to know what possible reason that you would give to murder a baby?

  5. Democrats from both Houses of Maine along with the Governor voted this week to GET RID of the Electoral College in Maine that protects our State to have equal say as of larger States from the Electoral College in Presidential elections. Maine lawmakers now already know it takes 2/3rds of the United States to eliminate the Electoral College from the original Constitution the Founding Fathers created. If popular vote becomes law, it means the States with the largest populations will have total say, whereby leaving out smaller populated States like Maine with no representation to the final vote. Maine, according to local news last night on FOX 22 said Maine will sit on that legislation until enough States pass legislation to GET RID OF THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE. Then already existing on Maine's legislative books, they will pounce into action with the rest of the States passing Popular Vote to become law. This whole democrat leadership in all Maine houses along with the Governor is not seeking the representation of all of Maine's people whether democrat, Independent or republican. If this happens, this whole matter of the Electoral College will end up in the US Supreme Court that has to abide by the Constitution of the land that has been the law ever since its founding.

  6. Senator King,

    It is past time for you and others in Washington to begin removal of all those in Washington that keep Joe Biden in office along with those directing his actions. No need to go into details; you know deep down that Joe Biden has taken America from a strong respected country to one that many nations are laughing at. By not taking a stand against Joe Biden, you are also becoming part of our problem. The tax payers in Maine have worked hard for their money they are sending to Washington; Joe Biden has now gifted our enemies $85 billion dollars of military equipment that no longer allows America to be the best armed nation on earth. Joe Biden had lied about the plans for leaving Afghanistan, he has lied about bringing all Americans home and he lied about not having options due to President Trump's positions for ending the war. You have to start LEADING in Washington for those of us in Maine. The "Clown Car" and all those in it needs to be delivered to the junk yard.

  7. Please be sure the COVID19 data is released without redactions in complete form even if it means new hires.

    The FDA’s only priority should be the health and safety of consumers. The agency has compromised its integrity by delaying information that belongs to the public. Since the Biden administration is hell-bent on forcing these vaccine mandates on us, the public has every right to know how this vaccine was approved, especially in such a short amount of time.

    “After all, the FDA managed to consider all 329,000 pages of data and grant emergency approval of the Pfizer vaccine within just 108 days. So it’s hard to rationalize why it now needs 55 years to fully release that information to the public.